Monday, 4 June 2012

Sugar,Butter Biscuits.

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday long weekend, it isn't over yet of course.

For my second post I'm going to share one of my newly favourite recipes with you. They were originally called 'Sugar Cookies' but they taste very sweet and buttery to me so I renamed them 'Sugar, Butter Biscuits'. I swapped them from 'cookie' to 'biscuit' because to me a cookie should contain chocolate chips!

Now, you should know this isn't my recipe, I found it at Echoes of Laughter so all the credit must go there! I'm not really confident enough to be creating my own recipes yet, need a bit more experience under my belt first.

The lady who writes on Echoes Of Laughter is called Angie and this recipe was her Grandmothers. It is super easy and super duper delicious! They are really versatile meaning they can be dressed up with sprinkles before baking, decorated after baking or simply left on their own. Either way they don't last long in our house. I am intending to give these biscuits as gifts for birthdays and Christmas in pretty boxes, tins and packages because they are THAT good.

The ingredients you will need for these are non-complicated, chances are you'll have these things in your pantry already and if not they're not expensive or difficult to hunt down. I didn't bother converting this recipe into metrics, I just bought a set or measuring cups from Asda for £1.50. This seemed the most sensible option for me as I will (and have already) use them again so it was an investment. If you don't have cups don't worry, there's a converter here.

1 cup butter/margarine
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
4 tbsp milk
2 tsp vanilla

3.5 cups plain flour
4tsp baking powder
1tsp  salt


Place the first 5 ingredients in your mixing bowl and using the beater attachment, beat until light and fluffy in texture. Rio did this part. 

In a separate bowl sift together all remaining ingredients and add this to the butter mix gradually,, if you don't you will get a big ol' mess! Beat on a medium speed until a soft dough is formed.

Flour your hands and form the dough into 2cm balls, you can fit 12 on a sheet comfortable allowing enough space for the dough to spread out.

Flatten your dough balls with a floured fork, not so much that the fork touches the baking sheet though. Yep, that happened here! My kids are heavy handed it seems.

I like this picture ^ the dough ball on the right looks like it's frowning. :)

You'll need to do quite a few trays full of these as from one mixture I usually get around 4-5 dozen, depending on how big I roll the dough balls.

Bake them for around 10-11 minutes at 175*C . Allow them to cool slightly on the tray for a couple of minutes then eat a couple transfer them over to a cooling rack to cool completely.

That's it. Once they're cool pop them into a biscuit tin or airtight box, they keep well for about a week but it's a rarity that we ever have any left after a day or two!

Let me know how you liked them.

Kaye x


  1. OMG they look yum!!! I need a kenwood!! or should i say i want one haha. Do you want me to help you with removing the big gaps between paragraphs,it took me a while, it's because you have highlight the whole post and changed to italics or something. I will let you know anyway, when you are writing the post, click on left hand side above writing box where it says h t m l (had to space it out) it will bring up loads of weird codes BUT you will see what you have typed....When you identify your paragraphs,between them it should say < i>< /i> (I HAD TO PUT A SPACE BETWEEN THINGS AS WON'T LET ME POST) just delete that code and leave the gap side you want.
    < i> means open bracket for use of italics and < /i> means end bracket for italics, so you'd have that around a sentence or paragraph. BUT you don't need to open use of italics on a paragraph break or to end use in a paragraph. Those codes wrap around text basically.
    if you use < b> then your text < /b> it starts and ends bold text.
    if you use < u> then your text < /u> it starts and then ends underlined text. Do you get what i mean. (REMEMBER I HAD TO PUT SPACES IN x
    So you need to delete those codes on paragraph breaks. If you click the 'compose' then you will be back to your normal writing box without the codes.
    I only learnt this myself, i hope it helps! xxx
    Lovely post though xxxx

  2. Thanks Beckie :)

    I actually intended the gaps to be there, in my options list I ticked the 'press enter for new line' box. I'm weird in the sense that I love paragraphs haha.

    I do need help with plenty of other things though if you're offering. ;)
    (sorry that was cheeky wasn't it?!)

  3. Actually, after reading that post again I think the gaps are bigger than I intended.

    Hmm, I might have to read your comment about 20 times before I get it though. I'm not techy at all. :)
    Thanks again Beckie, I'm glad you liked the post - another one tomorrow! xxx


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