Tuesday, 12 June 2012

DIY Father's Day Card-Book.

As I half promised yesterday today's post will be dedicated to Father's Day as it's only 5 days away now. 

To The Husband, remember you are not allowed to read this post!!!

This card is nice and easy to make and I think it's great if, like us, you have more than 1 child as they can then have a page each in the 'card'. 
Now I said it's easy, and it is, but it's a bit fiddly and time consuming (although the time consuming part could have been because I was cutting out 3 little hands, if you have 1 child then it will only take you a third of the time it took me).

Here we go. 

You will need:
- A5 card, 1 for your front cover and 1 for each child. We have 3 children so I used 4 pieces of card altogether. (£1.99 for 100 sheets, The Range)
- PVA Glue. (£1.50 Wilkinsons)
- Scissors. (£0, my sewing box)
- coloured tissue paper. I used 3 different colours. (99p, Factory Outlet)
- 1 sheet A5 paper or card.
- 30cm thin ribbon, mine was 3 or 5mm I think. (confession...the ribbon I used actually came out of one of my t-shirts, it was the hanger ribbon!)

I've got to say that this was so fun to do, I hope my husband likes it. The kids personalised their hands themselves so all I did was piece everything together.

Here's what we did:

First of all I got the kids to draw around their right hand onto tissue paper in the colour of their choice. The glare of the lights was terrible in my kitchen when I took these photo's so I'm sorry about that. 
I also got them to sign their names in the centre of the hands.

I then cut them out, this was a fiddly bit!

I then stuck them all to individual pieces of white A5 card. It's worth mentioning here that neither Sophie or Rio wanted to sign Corey's hand so Mummy had to do it! He's just a little one so obviously he didn't write that. 

I didn't photograph the next little bit as my mum did it but I promise it's very easy. Fold your extra piece of A5 paper in half and draw half a heart from the fold, needs to be a decent size but not so big it covers the whole of your front page. Half size would be good. 

Cover this paper heart in PVA Glue and stick on small cut off bits of tissue paper, I chose to use the remnants from cutting out my children's hand shapes - it kept it coordinated then you see. <wink>

Stick your sticky tissue-papered paper heart to the piece of A5 card you'll be using for your front page.

You can dress the rest of the front page up however you want, I chose to write a special little message for the Daddy of our family. This is an appropriate saying for this card as it's something our children say a lot, especially Sophie!

When all the glue is dry on each of your card pages, pile them together for hole-punching. I thought I'd lined mine up properly but alas no, hence the 4 holes! Oh well, I say it adds charm to the card...

The very last thing to do now is thread your ribbon through your punched holes. Don't fasten them too tightly or the card-book will not open nicely.

Awww, isn't it sweet? I know it isn't completely perfect but I don't really think that matters all that much, it doesn't detract from the cards intention at all, although I do wish my freehand writing was better on here.

I think it's a nice alternative to the normal card, you could put as many pages in as you want, even if you have only one child. And you don't have to do hands either, you could do feet or your childs drawings. 

I love it, and I hope my childrens Daddy does too.

Looking forward to seeing you back here for another homemade post very soon.

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Much love to you,
Kaye x

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  1. Father's day is just around the corner so I've been browsing for some ideas for fathers day cards and I've seen yours. They are truly stunning! Thanks for sharing. Kudos to the creator ;-)


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