Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pirate Mickey Mouse Party Invitations

This is what I've been working on all week. Its my boys birthdays on the 2nd and 3rd of July so I'm planning a joint party for them. My only problem really was finding a theme that would suit both of them as my little one is turning 2 and my big one is turning 6! 

We are huge Disney fans (my fault I think..) so what I came up with was Pirate Mickey! Little Corey is Mickey Mad! Rio loves pirates, so it made sense to combine the both of them. 

They're pretty simple to make, however I already know what I would do differently to make them simpler. I definitely over-complicated things here but you live and you learn, right? Worth mentioning too that your children could also help with many parts of making these.

You Will Need:
5 sheets A4 Black Card - £1 for 25 sheets, PoundWorld
1 sheet A5 Red Card - £1.99 for 60 sheets, The Range
Gold Gel Pen - 50p local card shop (but widely available)
PVA Glue - £1.50, Wilkinsons (but I already had this is the cupboard)
Glue Stick - £1 approx, Wilkinsons (I've had this ages!)
Some Circular Items to Draw Around
Invitation Wording Printout - price of this will vary, as some can do it at home. I did mine at the library for 10p a sheet and I needed 2 sheets so 20p.

You can see from the price and quantity of the supplies that these invitations are very budget friendly!

First of all I hunted around the house for suitable circle templates, as you can see I used our tea canister and an upturned peanut butter jar. I drew around them on grey card to make circle templates and played around with the positioning of them until I was happy. (That's the practice trace you can see on the white paper). 

Here's what I would do differently here: I would make a complete template out of card instead of drawing 3 circles onto black card and sticking them together in a Mickey shape. I don't know why I didn't just think of this to begin with as it seems obvious now but never mind. There's always next time.

Here's the test run.

I traced onto black card and cut out the circles.

I made a pirate patch template and traced it 10 times onto red card (I was making 10 invitations). 

Using PVA Glue, stick your pirate patch onto your biggest circle.

If you didn't make the full Mickey template then you will now need to stick the ears on. Press down firmly to make sure they stick.

Set aside to dry, I left mine overnight. 
When completely dry, type out and print out your invitation wording - don't forget it must fit within Mickey's head!  

I kept it simple and printed out universal wording that didn't require me to type each invited child's name in. 

Because Rio was inviting a few friends from school I only put his name on the invitations instead of both his and Corey's.
There will be decorations at the party showing both of their names.

Cut these out and stick them onto the back of your Mickey.

I wrote the name of each invited child onto the pirate patch using the gold gel pen.
I didn't have time to think up an exciting way to package them individually so into a punched pocket they went. They were sealed with a white sticky address label. 

Do you like them? Rio was over the moon with them!! He was so proud showing them to everyone on the school bus this morning, "My Mummy made them!"

*Proud Mummy Moment*

*Tear in Eye Moment*

I also decorated the party bags last night but I'll save that post for another time, I hope you'll pop back to read it.

Have a happy Thursday!
Kaye xx

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