Friday, 15 June 2012

DIY Pirate Mickey Party Bags

For this upcoming joint party for my boys I want people to look at the things I've made and think to themselves, "Wow, that looks great!" 

I did the Pirate Mickey Invitations first but wanted things to match. 

So instead of buying party bags from a store I ordered some paper take-out food bags to decorate. I like them so much I've decided to branch out and try a few different designs too but not yet, they are still at sketch stage.

This can be done in an hour or less depending on how many you want to make, I'll be making about 15 but I've only made 10 up to now.

For this project you will need:
- A5 sheets of coloured card, with my template I got 2 to each piece so I only needed 5 sheets. Packs of card are £1.99 each 60 sheet colour pack in The Range.
- Scissors
- Pirate Mickey stickers/labels - I bought mine on eBay, £1.79 for 48 stickers with the message of your choice. Size wise they were 6.3mm x 3.3mm.
- Take-Out bags - eBay again, £2.80 for 25 small size white bags.
- gold glitter gel pen - 50p, local card shop but widely available.
- PVA Glue - £1.50, Wilkinsons (But 1 bottle lasts just about forever)

The very first thing you need to do is make your template of your Mickey. The template that I used for my invitations was too big, the size of the 'ear' became the 'head' of this template. I can't remember exactly what I used for the ears on this template but circles are easy enough to find anywhere in the house really.

Draw around your template twice on each piece of card and cut out. 

In the central area of each head place one of your Pirate Mickey labels.

Glue the Mickey Heads to your paper take-out bags with your PVA glue.

Now using your gold glittery gel pen draw on an earring from one of Mickeys ears. 

All Done!!

I think they're cute. When they're ready to be filled in a couple of weeks time I'l be knotting matching ribbons to the handles for a bit of an extra feature. 

Aren't they easy?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday.
Kaye xx

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