Wednesday, 18 July 2012

End of Year Teacher Gifts...

Two posts in one day you lucky readers! ;)

I promised there would be a teacher gift tutorial this week and here it is. I have quite literally only just finished it, in fact I bet the glue hasn't even hardened properly yet. This is really simple to make and won't take you long at all.

For this quick project you will need:
- a clean, dry jar (a 500g sauce jar works perfect)
- 12 pencils, unsharpened (£1 for 24 from Asda)
- glue gun/glue sticks (already owned...)
- garden twine (75p in the sale at Asda)

Ok, so you've got your things together. When you're ready to begin, lay one of your pencils flat and squirt a small amount of glue at 2 points on your pencil. 

Make sure the places that you apply the glue will be touching the jar when you stick it on, otherwise the glue won't be able to bond with it.

Press your pencil carefully onto your jar, I strongly recommend doing this with jar upright and pencil base on your surface, this way you'll be able to get them exactly the same height all the way around. 
Repeat around the jar. 

The unsharpened edges at the bottom offer more stability for the jar in case little hands grab hold of it in the classroom.

 I chose to stick mine on in pairs around the jar and each pair had a matching opposite across the jar. I like symmetry at times.

I think I love this jar, it's definitely high on my favourite teacher gifts list.

To decorate it I simply wrapped some garden twine tightly around the middle and tied it in a bow. I applied a little hot glue to make sure it didn't come unstuck.

Here is all you need for a lovely but sweet teacher gift.

I know I'm biased but I'm really pleased with them, I think they look great.
On Friday morning I will fill them with flowers and send them to school with my children for their very lovely teachers.

Give them a go, it's not too late, unless your children have broken up early that is. My kids don't finish until Friday afternoon.

Thank you for reading, again, today!
Kaye xx

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