Tuesday, 17 July 2012

DIY Disney Luggage Tags

Nothing better than a Disney post on a Tuesday morning!

I wanted to show you these a while ago but I got swamped with party preparations and just never got the chance. 

I shall never underestimate how tough it is making, baking and cooking everything for a childs party. It's exhausting.

Anyway, I decided that for our special secret trip to Disneyland Paris in November the kids and us needed special tags to make our luggage easily identifiable. 

You will need:
- card, in whatever colours you want. 
- gluestick
- scissors
- holepunch
- paper trimmer (if you have it, scissors are fine if you don't)
- pencil
- black felt tip pen
- tiny heart punch (could use hole-punched card circles instead)
- craft knife
- ribbon
- laminator + pouches

Ok, first thing you need to do is settle on what shape you'd like your tag to be and draw/cut out and template. I decided on a traditional tag shape because it's fairly easy to draw and cut out. I also used my small Mickey Head template too.

I make all my templates the same way, I'd love to be able to say to you that there's a machine at my desk that does it for me but sadly there isn't. I draw mine onto card with a pencil and a ruler for straight lines and cut out either with my paper trimmer or my scissors. 
For those with a printer, you could always print off the shape you want onto card, cut it out and make that your template. If you're drawing your tag by hand, it's much easier to work from a corner of your card, there's less cutting out to do that way.

** If you're making templates it's a good idea to keep them somewhere safe so you know where they are for next time. A plastic punch pocket would do the job just fine, or even a freezer zipper bag).**

Ok so you've got your templates drawn and cut out, you now need to draw around them onto your card and cut them out. 
If you've decided to do the same shaped tag as I have and are making more than one, when drawing around them onto card make sure the sides are touching. This means less cutting and less wasted card.

Sadly we cannot apply the same method to the Mickey Heads.
When you've cut the Mickey Heads out, stick them onto your tag using your gluestick. It's completely up to you where you want to put them, just remember not to put them too close the narrow bit at the top as that gets hole-punched in a bit!

This part is entirely optional but I decided I wanted my 'Mouse' to have a 
bow. I drew a small bow shape freehand onto red card, cut it out and stuck it to my Mouse.

Using a black felt tip I drew polka dots all over it, I wish I'd had something white for this but I just didn't. I'm still happy with it though, it definitely looks like a girl mouse, even if it isn't Minnie.

There we go, the tag is starting to take shape nicely now.

Using my mini heart punch, I punched lots of little red hearts out of spare card. What I didn't use is now stored safely away for next time.
I also cut out thin strips of red card to go around 3 sides of my tag, there was no need to draw these first.

Using the glue stick, stick on the red strips and tiny hearts in whatever pattern you wish

Here's my finished tag. You will notice that it has my initial on it. If you would like letters on yours draw out your letters on black card and using your craft knife (scissors are too clumsy for this bit) carefully cut around your letter.
Stick in place with your gluestick.
Don't forget to holepunch your tag to thread your ribbon through.

These tags are not difficult to make and yet they add some Disney charm to your luggage. The design options are pretty endless, you don't even have to stick to Mickey Mouse: you could do the princesses, silhouettes of the castle, characters etc. So many possibilities.
I will laminate these when I get the time, just to make them that bit more hardwearing.

 If you wanted to you could print off a special message for the children and stick it to the back - this would be so cool if they didn't know where they were going!

This one is Sophie's. She's seen the tags and loves them but she has no idea that this one will be on her suitcase for our surprise trip in November. 

In this picture here I have shown some teacher thank you tags. These are made using the same methods as the Disney tags, the only thing I did differently is I printed off the wording at my library - 15p for a whole A4 sheet of these, enough for about 20 tags altogether.

So there you go, I hope you like them. I'm sorry it's been such a long time between posts, hopefully there shouldn't be anymore problems!!

I have some teacher crafty posts lined up for you this week as the kids break up for Summer on Friday, hasn't that come around quick?

Thank you so much for reading today.
Kaye xx

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